Claiming Your Inner Gems

Saturday October 5th, 2019


Join us for a full day workshop to discover and reclaim ownership of your untapped gifts, skills, and abilities. Western society places a high importance on our public identities that are often directly associated with the roles we perform or the jobs we do. However, human beings are so much more than their job titles or familial roles and responsibilities! 

 We are all born with a unique set of skills, gifts, talents, and ways of being in the world that may not have always been recognized and valued. As a result you may have learned to bury, hide, shy away from or completely disown these valuable innate assets. NOW is the time to discover, reclaim and use your inner gems for the awakening and healing of Self, Other, and Planet. 

 This work is for those who are truly ready, willing to dive deep into themselves and call forth all the aspects of self, and the glorious ways of seeing and being in the world that are unique to them which need to be reclaimed.  

 What You Can Expect: 

* To be gently challenged

* To feel absolutely supported in your journey

* To discover your inner gems

* To relish in your own light, strength, and power

 Cost: $90 includes all materials, snacks, and tea/coffee. 

 Location: Eastlake, Seattle. WA. 

Time: 10-5pm (with lunch break) 

Registration and Information: Contact Nicola Tannion at