All photography provided by Nicola Tannion

I am a mythographer, writer, and bridge builder. While also being an internationally experienced ritual leader, meditation teacher, and energy worker. 

My doctorate in Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology was received through Pacifica Graduate Institute.  The focus of my research was centered upon the potential influence of the Irish Ancestors on the global phenomenon of Irish identity. 

I have a strong ability to see underlying patterns and connections in cross-cultural rituals, symbols, and mythic narratives. As a result, I love bringing awareness to the fusion between different cultures, ideas, and communities. Academically these skills have enabled me to teach undergraduate level courses on loss, grief, and community grief and to act as an external evaluator for students studying loss, grief, and trauma at Antioch University, Seattle. 

Very early on in my life I was called to work as an energetic healer culminating in over 30 years experience. I am a qualified meditation teacher leading mediation groups, initiatory rituals, and healing in Brisbane, London, Amsterdam, and the USA. I am also a qualified, though non-practicing massage practitioner and reflexologist.

It is my honor to have a life-long relationship with the unseen world and to facilitate wisdom from the ancestors for the benefit of the living world. 

“The difference between most people and myself is that for me the “dividing walls’ are transparent” (C. G. Jung. Memory, Dreams, Reflections. 355).


my Mission

 * To teach others how to listen and discern Ancestral Wisdom for the deepening of human experience, meaning-making, and healing of both familial and cultural lines. 

* To bridge ideas, groups, narratives in order to find commonality while honoring diversity.

* To honor the traditions and mythic narratives of Celtic peoples, with a focus on the Irish -north and south.

While we are in the world, a large area of the heart is always in exile. This is why we are suffused with longing. Deep down, we desire to come back into the intimate unity of belonging.
— John O'Donohue Eternal Echoes. p73

honors, Awards

  • Distinguished Alumni, 2016 Antioch University, Seattle.

Professional Associations