Getting Centered: Finding Your Fire

 If you, like most of us, do actually care about current events, you will also likely feel somewhat perturbed and overwhelmed by the enormity and immediacy of the crises we currently face. Human behavior today can be likened to that of an old wiley coyote chasing its tail and setting fire to itself and the surrounding world at the same time. There is an almost endless list of issues that need our immediate attention. The problems we as a species along with our fellow inhabitants and the planet face are unprecedented. Our ancestors have been through turbulent and transitional periods before but what is different this time is that everything imaginable, the worst of the worst so to speak, has come to a head at the same time. 

 As an individual, the amount of work that is needed and the issues that need addressing is almost too overwhelming to hold psychologically, emotionally, and energetically. Unlike our ancestors, we are bombarded with news from around the globe and have access 24/7 to international news and the constant crisis that demands our attention. There is literally no escaping every issue at hand unless we are either extremely disciplined and limit our media exposure or do not have Internet access. So, it makes sense a lot of folks have absolutely no idea where to start tackling everything that needs addressing. 

 Please know we cannot individually take on every crisis or issue. Nor should we feel responsible for every situation, or guilty when we are unable to address everything we see out of alignment. Perhaps it helps to ponder the idea that there are specific issues that align with our souls and are ours to contribute towards. 

 In mythology, coyote is a trickster character. The more he spins the more fires he set alight and the more destruction occurs. There are so many intense fires to fight right now, it is as if coyote has stepped front and center on the global stage. We cannot run around behind coyote trickster trying to put out ever fire he starts so how the heck do we know where to start and which fire should we attempt to tackle first? 

 STOP. That is both an instruction and place to begin. Stop. Breathe.

 As our hearts pull us toward different causes, concerns, and injustices it can be really difficult to get and stay centered. We feel as though we don’t have time to stop because there is so much to do. However, often when we make the time to get centered, a specific action or cause becomes really clear and more energy becomes available to us in order to act until completion. 

 Often the path we need to take is not laid out in its entirety rather it unfurls like a new fern frond. When we follow the steps, the lights on the pathway, then we will be guided. We may not see the whole road, the whole journey or the bends in the path but we will see the next step or two. The first step however, is right where you are standing now. In your home, your neighborhood, your city, or state. What issues can you immediately address at home? 

 We each have a unique contribution to bring to the world. Although there are people who are doing similar work to us, we have our own viewpoint, skill-set, appreciation, and energetic vibration that are ours alone. I’ve spent years comparing then belittling my unique contributions because they do not supposedly match up to what I see someone I admire doing. Who does this serve? It certainly does not serve me and certainly does not serve the world. Don’t fall into that trap, its an illusion designed to keep us small and feeling like we cannot make a difference. And if we feel as though we can’t make a difference or that our contributions are worthless, then we won’t take any action to put out even the closest and easiest fires. To be honest, that is exactly what the old wiley coyote wants us to believe. However, each individual holds a thread of the world’s future; together we can weave a new destiny. 

 The really big issues can be difficult to untangle into tangible action items. If we think of each topic as a wildfire, containing multiple smaller issues that need addressing it is easier to see what we can do instead of being overwhelmed by what we cannot impact. For example: the climate crisis is an enormous issue that is made up of many smaller ones: food, farming, water, pollution, emissions, plastic use and disposal, tree destruction and heart disconnectivity to name but a few. Beginning with our homes, our neighborhoods, and selves seems more approachable. If you are unsure where to begin or what issues really align with your soul I invite you to do the mediation below. 


 Sit comfortably on a chair. Place both feet on the ground. Feel the floor or earth beneath your feet. 

Take a slow deep breath in for the count of 5 and slowly exhale for the count of 7. In breath to the count of 5, exhale to the count of 7. 

Place your fingers on your heart and rest your hands on your chest. Lower your head towards your chest. 

Feel the loving warmth of your own heart going back towards your heart. Allow the warmth to flood through your whole body.

 When you are ready ask your internal wise guide, what is the area or issue in the world that needs my attention? What is my contribution alone to make? What is one small step I can take today to address this issue?

 The answer may come as a hunch, an image, a whisper or grab your attention with a single word. No matter how it comes, your heart and soul will answer. Trust that, follow that, and focus mainly on that issue. There are billions of other people who are tied to all the other issues that need addressing. Grab the single hose that has your name on it and point it at the fire along with mine, your neighbors’, your child’s’, and your friends’ and together know that we can and will make a difference.