A Pilgrimage Begins By Answering the Call…


We stand-alone as individuals and yet are intimately connected through both our genetics and cultural heritage to all who came before us and all future generations yet to be embodied. Ancestral Pilgrimaging is both an internal and external journey into your familial world. Every human being is a bridge between the ancestors and the generations yet to be born. Each of us has unique access to and through which we are connected to thousands of our direct ancestors through our DNA.

Ancestral patterns and traits, both positive and negative can be obvious such as coming from a long line of a particular trade or study, or the shape of facial features. Other repeated aspects of our ancestors lives such as dreams, passions, or interests may be kept a little more hidden by the ancestors themselves until the right descendent is called forth to reveal and heal or fulfill a long held desire.

The rise in ancestral curiosity, the desire to know where and from whom we have descended has increased with easier and cheaper access to DNA testing. As people travel further from our ancestral homelands due to curiosity, necessity, or opportunity we have become disconnected from the bones and stories of our elders. 

Pilgrimages have been part of the spiritual seekers tradition for centuries. You will undertake a journey along a carefully designed pathway that will challenge you psychologically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are nine key stages along the Ancestral Pilgrimage, which can be started at any point dependent on how much ancestral work or curiosity you have already undertaken and what the ancestors are asking of you at this time.

From the moment an individual decides to undertake a pilgrimage they must prepare by seeking guidance and advice from those who have travelled the long road before. I will guide you as you journey on the Ancestral Pilgrimage path.   

As a result of working through your genetic, psychological, and mythological ancestral landscapes you will understand yourself and your role in healing your familial tree and the tree of humanity. 

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